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Welcome to Dinoot Jeep® Style Trailers!

  • Do you enjoy back-country adventures, an active outdoor lifestyle, off-road exploring or boondocking?

  • Are you looking for the perfect, budget friendly way to transport everything needed for your next adventure?

  • Wouldn’t it be great if everything was always packed up, organized and ready to go?

If you answered yes, the Dinoot Trailers will definitely interest you.

We take a different approach than most to equipping folks for Trailer Supported Adventuring. At the heart of it is a modular collection of Lego™ like fiberglass components configurable to meet a wide range of needs. By putting in a little sweat equity, we offer a budget friendly, "have it your way" approach to building your perfect trailer.

This type of trailer goes by many names; tent trailers, off road camping trailers, Jeep trailers, sport utility trailers, hunting trailers and adventure trailers to name a few. Regardless what you call them, Dinoot Trailers makes it easy and cost effective to start enjoying Trailer Supported Adventuring. You can build one as a Gear Hauler or Tent Topped Camping Trailer. Tailor the panel combination to meet your needs. They are build-able heavy or light duty as your needs dictate. Making them equally at home off-road in the back-country behind your Jeep™, or on a trip to grandmas behind your Subaru™.

We make Dinoot Trailers budget friendly in a couple of ways; First is putting in some home-built sweat equity. Folks with basic tools and DIY skills will be able to assemble a Dinoot in a weekend or two.  The other is being designed for building and upgrading incrementally over time so you can spread out the cost.

To learn more about Dinoot trailers, explore our web-site.  Feel free to email or call us at 503-390-3152 to discuss your needs and planned build.


We can tell you all about how great the Dinoot Trailers are - but for an in-depth review check out Off-Road.com's article!

    Jeep Trailer Tub Kit Dinoot off road article

News Flash 11/12/13!

Dinoot M-Series officially ready to start shipping.  Visit the M-Series Page under Models for details!

Dinoot in action video from May 2012 Southeastern Oregon desert trek. 

For the latest in updates, tips / hints, customer builds and adventure information follow us on Facebook and our Blog. You can also This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to receive Dinoot Trailer email updates.

If you are in the San Antonio, TX area, you can see a Dinoot trailer in person at Texas Hill Country Coach in New Braunfels.  In the near future we will have an index and/or map of Dinoot locations to see one in person.

Ready to order your Dinoot?  
Not certain which model is right for you?  
Have questions about your planned build? 
Drop us an email or call us at 503-390-3152 to discuss it!