There are currently two home-built Dinoot models; the J-Series and M-Series.  The J-Series has distinct Jeep styling cues and is available in two sizes.  The M-series has classic M416 military trailer styling and is easily shortened for custom length tubs.


Jeep Trailer Tub Kits Fiberglass Modular


Dinoot Trailer models have rapidly set a new standard for lightweight, versatile and cost effective Trailer Supported Adventuring.  More than that, they are a wonderful outlet for satisfying mans primal desire to shape and create things.


Our unique DIY approach is designed with substantial versatility and flexibility, allowing folks to easily tailor Dinoots based on their needs.  They can be built light-duty for campground usage, or heavy-duty for overlanding and exploring deep into the backcounty.  They look fantastic aesthetically dressed with matching paint, tires and wheels, while being equally at home built as a plain-jane workhorse.  They work great as Gear Haulers or Tent Topped Campers, and are engineered to be easily converted to different configurations.  


Whatever your needs, when thinking, “Trailer Supported Adventuring”, think Dinoot Trailers.


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Jeep Trailer Fiberglass Tub Kit Modular DIY Build at Home Trailers