Busy Spring for Dinoots!

Bill’s build is the latest in a long string of new Dinoots this Spring.  It is a great looking Compact J-Series Jeep trailer with matching paint, matching tires and a Ruggedized Kukenam roof top tent.

He has even figured a way to say it in the coolest way;  his vanity plate says it all GOXPLR!

A few hours after these pictures were taken, he was heading for Canyonlands & Arches in Utah.  We know he’ll sleep good tonight and we look forward to more photos!

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  2. hello, could you tell me the cost of a trailer like this jeep type.

  3. Scott says:

    Hi Cesar:
    We have a pricing tool available that allows you to see the price of your Dinoot based on what you want on your trailer. Everyone is unique and we offer you the opportunity to choose what you need. Don’t hesitate to use the contact us link in the upper menu or on http://dinoot.com to have your questions answered in detail. Our pricing tool is found on the top menu of dinoot.com.
    Thanks for visiting us and hope to talk to you about your new Jeep style Dinoot Trailer!

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