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Jeep Trailer by Dinoot Trailers

J-Series Jeep Trailer

Our J-Series tub kits set a new standard.  Previously, building a matching Jeep style trailer required cutting and welding old Jeeps together, then days of body work.  Now it’s a straightforward DIY project which looks great behind more than just a Jeep.

M416 Military Trailer

Our M-series tub kits take the classic M416 / M100 / M101 Military trailer to a whole new level, Fiberglass! No more lengthy searches and dealing with beat up, rusted out M416s for building a budget friendly camping trailer.

Custom Jeep Work

Modified Tubs - We can narrow or shorten Dinoots to create custom sized tub kits. Jeep Pickup – Although our focus is on trailers; a J-Series tub kit with an extra end panel can be used to build a budget “Brute” style Jeep pickup.

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