Jeep Trailer Accessories and Components

Jeep Trailer Accessories and Components


Soft Tonneau Covers

Slant side, black anodized aluminum frame Frame is clamp attached, no drilling required, clamps included Easy snap channel for quick removable and no snap-to-snap align worries Removable, curved, water shedding center bow(s)

J-Series Compact: $299.00

J-Series Extended: $329.00

M-Series: $319

For building our own cover, check out our Plywood Cover Overview Secure, Hardshell Cover

Jeep Trailer Accessories Soft Tonneau Cover


M-Series Tub Hardware Kit


5/16” SS button head bolts/nuts/washers for panel-2-panel assembly

5/16” SS flat head bolts/nuts for top rail corner brackets

5/16” SS hex head bolts/nuts for tailgate bracket attachment to frame

1/4” flat head, torx drive deck screws for floor / tub attachment to frame

With a Tailgate $38.00

Without a Tailgate $33.00

Jeep Trailer Accessories M416 Military Trailer Hardware Kit from Dinoot Trailers


J-Series Rack Reinforcement Brackets
Acts as a backing plate for fake rain gutters and distributes the load.
Holes for Thule 542 fake rain gutters
On Compacts, gives a crossbar spacing of approximately 36” 
On Extendeds, contact us for details Set of four, unpainted
Set of Four, unpainted


Jeep Trailer Accessories Rack Reinforcement Brackets

M-Series Rack Reinforcement Brackets
Acts as a backing plate for fake rain gutters and distributes the load

Holes for Thule 542 fake rain gutters
Gives a crossbar spacing of approximately 46” 
Set of four, unpainted

Jeep Trailer Accessories Racks M416 Military Trailer Reinforcement Brackets

Thule Racks
Thule 542 fake rain gutters, set of four - $74.95

Thule 387 medium towers, set of four, provides 7” of under crossbar clearance - $219.95

Thule LB58” crossbars, pair $99.95

Jeep Trailer Accessories Dinoot Trailers

Frame Tied, Over the Tub Racks

1.5" OD Round Tubing
12-18" above top of the tub
Bolts in place for easy tub assembly
Sold with Welded Frame Kits
Prices start at $975

Jeep Trailer Accessories Jeep Frames

Custom towers heavy-duty crossbars
Softside storage bag
Stubby rocket box
Tilt up kayak racks
Standup bike racks
Canoe stops

Jeep Trailer with Thule Racks

Storage, Organize & Secure

Tie Down Loop
Install around floor perimeter for attaching cargo hold down straps
1/4" dia
2 5/8” overall length x 1 5/8” inside loop length
Zinc plated
$2.19 each

Jeep Trailer Accessories Trailer Footman Loops

Stretch Cargo Straps
They absorb the shocks of rough roads, while keeping gear firmly in place.
Cinches down your gear quickly and easily
Fasten to Tie Down Loops or around just about anything
Adjustable from 24" to 60" 600
All parts rated to at least 300 lbs.

Coming Soon
Custom stretch mesh retainers / pouches
Quick fist clamps
Storage boxes

Jeep Trailer Accessories Dinoot Stretch Cord for storage

Side Table Components
For off the beaten path camping, extra counter space
for food prep and cooking comes in handy.
We offer the hardware necessary for
making your own removable Dinoot side table(s)
For details, visit Side Tables

 Jeep Trailer Accessories Jeep Side Table

5 lb propane bottle / transportation bracket
12V power package
Extendable pole LED camp / area light
5-gal water jug holder
Under floor water tank
Kitchen box
Hot water heater
External tent heater
Wheel chocks & leveling blocks
Tongue 2-place wing style bike rack
Canoe / kayak T-stand
Hi-lift jack mount
Spare mount Front rack
Standard jerry can mount
Rotopax gas / water cans
Nose box

Note – We reserve the right to revise pricing as necessary.