Jeep Trailer Frames

Jeep Trailer Frame Dinoot Jeep Trailer Tub Kit


Jeep Trailer Frames Removable tongue, heavy-duty, welded

Our Jeep trailer frames use a removable tongue design for customer flexibility in length/coupler
style and reduced shipping cost. With the wide range of tires and wheels available
for use on a Dinoot, frame kits are priced without tires/wheels.


Frame Kit comes un-assembled, unpainted and includes:

  • Fully welded frame with tub/floor attaching and rear stabilizer jack tabs
  • Square tubing tongue, sized for a 4′ length from front of tub to end of coupler
  • Pair of 29″ premium trailer springs with shackles and HW kit
  • 2,000 lb axle with 5 on 4.5 hubs and U-bolt kit
  • 2″ ball coupler with HW
  • Pair of coiled safety cables
  • 1150 lb GVWR

Frame Kit Prices

  • $895 – J-Series Compact
  • $945 – J-Series Extended
  • $975 – M-Series

Jeep Frames by Dinoot Trailers

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Jeep Trailer Welded Trailer Frame


Jeep Trailer Frame Tied, Over the Tub Racks 

Frame Tied, Over the Tub Racks

  • 1.5″ OD Round Tubing
  • 12″-18″ Above top of the tub
  • Bolts in place for easy tub assembly
  • Prices start at $975


  • Tire and Wheel Packages
  • 1775 GVWR
  • Extended Kayak/Canoe tongue
  • Multi-axis coupler receiver tongue
  • Rear Receiver
  • 3,500 lb with U-bolt kit, 5 on 4.5/4.75/5/5.5 and 6 on 5.5 hubs available
  • Torsion axle
  • Swivel tongue and rear stablizer jacks
  • LED Lighting/wiring kit