M416 Trailer M-Series

M416 Trailer M-Series


  • Keeping the weight down without comprising durability
  • DIY friendly, "have it your way" approach to building Adventures
  • Can be built and upgraded incrementally over time to spread out the cost
  • Equally at home behind whatever you drive; a Jeep, Toyota, Ford, Chevy, Suzuki, Subaru, Honda or ???
  • The standard 6’ length tubs are easily shortened for creating custom sized trailers
  • Tubs can be used for new home-built trailer projects and direct replacements for rebuilding a M416 trailer.
  • Using custom sized external fenders, most size tires can be accommodated
  • Available with or without tailgate

M416 Trailer Tub Kit by Dinoot Trailers Customer Build


Here is a Tventuring thread with a collection of information,
photos, and Dinoot M-Series Trailer Examples.

Here is an "Overview Guide About Building a Dinoot Trailer"
you can download for more information about how easy it really is!

Choose your trailer, with options and all the goodies on our

From there you will know exactly what your perfect trailer will have
and how much it will cost (shipping requires a quote from us).
The beauty of our Tub Kits is that you can build some now, some
later or order everything when you order your tub kit. You decide!

M416 Trailer Tub Kit by Dinoot Trailers